Blog Post 15: Jupiter’s Red Spot

Jupiter’s red-spot is iconic and its so big that its even bigger than earth. It’s mystery captures everyone’s eye . Hurricanes and cyclone on Earth come and they go, but this red spot is a storm that has lasted for hundred, maybe thousands of years. Why is this Storm Red? The substance that they think it on Jupiter they had tested and understood that this substance absorbs blue light very strongly. This accounts for its reddish look. But without the reddish veneer on top of the main white cloud layer of the Storm, the Great Red Spot would look bland. The colors very over time due to the exposure of sunlight so, they in a way tan! I think that was cool to find out. I also think that its phenomenal how we can figure the substance of this storm and make in in a laboratory and test it on Earth. I just think its crazy how we can form a part of Jupiter on Earth and then explain the color of it.


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