Blog Post 12: Plate Tectonics on Other Planets?

Planetary geologists have tried to discover plate tectonics in other terrestrial planets but they just haven’t found that type of structure, other than Earth. The Earth is the only body in the solar system with this structure which, to me, is amazing. The our solar system is HUGE! Why is our planet so special? We harbor life and now we are the only ones with plate tectonics? I thinks that’s pretty cool. Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Moon evidently have to active volcanoes, no continental drift, no sea floor spreading so, they cannot flow in the way the our plate tectonics do. Earlier in the solar System, when the universe was warmer, these planets did have such things but for example, on Venus, the patter of faults struggled to begin and never succeeding. The Jovian Planets are mostly gaseous  so, they don’t the rigid lithosphere that Earth has. The volcanoes of Jupiter reflect a melting process that isn’t plate tectonics. Things like this make me wonder why the universe worked in such a way that made Earth so special? Although, there may be life very far away, what made Earth such a special planet? Lots of bodies in space have their own unique characteristics but Earth seems so have the coolest ones, especially for such a small and commonly said insignificant planet compared to the rest of the universe!


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