Blog Post 9: Rosetta

The comet, Rosetta, has been faced away from the sun and not visible in the past few months. Just recently there has been enough light to catch a glimpse of it. The article from describes the comet as “most of its surface, revealing stunning structures such as steep ravines, sharp cliffs, and numerous boulders”. It also talks about how the southern side of the comet is still a mystery but, in my opinion, it probably isn’t much different from the northern side. The need a very special camera for this and scattered light had helped a lot with finding accurate images of the comet. The one thing that amazes me the most about this is that this comet, as of right now, probably has nothing to do with Earth yet, we have all of these people and all of this technology to keep track of things like this for months and then years just in case it does. I also like the mystery of things like this because they remind us that astronomy is just a huge mystery that we will always be wondering about for the rest of our lives because there are just some things we won’t be able to detect!


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