Blog Post 8: Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo Crasha

There was a spaceship crash on Halloween of this year that landed on the California desert. Its name was Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo. The video had been played back and it revealed that in the first 10 seconds of the flight, the pilot made a fatal decision by unlocking a mechanism that makes the wings drag too early. They still are reading more into what caused the tragedy but, even wreckage was found from 35 miles off the site that the spaceship crashed. I think that this is so crazy that one mechanism or one little error doing something you train years to do can be fatal. The pilot did survived but, investigators are going to interview him soon and ask how he managed to parachute safely from an altitude of about 50,000 feet. There is very little oxygen at that height and I think he he got very lucky. The media is calling his survival miraculous which is very true. I think that it’s so crazy and I hope they find the cause so something like this is less likely to happen again.


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