Blog Post 10: Planets Form Around a Star

This article is talking about a sort of solar system that we may have discovered. “HL-Tauri” is the name of it and it i just now being born. This is a system being observed in Chile and its kind of showing pictures of what our solar system or our sun may have looked like four billion years ago when we(our solar system) were born. They have discovered that this system is no more than a million years old. They also discovered that the bodies that they think are planets have cleared their track in the remaining dust of the star and they are vacuuming up the debris with their gravity to add to their mass. Who knows, maybe this will be a similar replica to our solar system and by the time the planets form and life begins our human race can communicate with them! ….or maybe not considering it is going to take millions of years for that to happen and our precious planet Earth is said to be doomed in thousands of years. I find it so interesting how fast our lives are compared to everything in space. In space terms, everything seems like its so long and slow when really its just our lives on earth that happen extremely quickly.


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