Blog Post 7: Interesting Facts About Our Solar System

This is not necessarily new, but it is news to me! I was browsing upon some interesting facts about our Solar System because I felt like learning some stuff about our home in space and facts about activity or objects that happen close to us!

One of the most interesting facts, to me, was number 10. It stated “We live inside the sun.” How can this be when the sun is 93 million miles away from us? Well the Sun has an atmosphere and supposedly, we are in it. The evidence of the solar wind generating the Northern and Southern Lights are what is thought to be evidence of this. How cool is that. We are not only Earthlings but, Sunlings? idk

Another interesting fact on the list is #2: Pluto is smaller than the USA! Northern California to Maine is almost 2,900 miles across. Pluto is 1,400 miles across. United States is not necessarily the smallest country in the world by any means, but it isnt the biggest by any means either. Yet, it is still significantly larger than a planet! That is amazing to think.

One more interesting fact on this list of 10 that jumped out at me was, number 8. It says “Jupiter has the Biggest Ocean Of Any
Planet”. It really should say “Jupiter has the Biggest Ocean of the entire Solar System.” Jupiter is made mostly of Hydrogen and Helium, and below it’s atmosphere, Hydrogen must turn into liquid, according to the chemical composition. It has an ocean that is 40,000 kilometers deep and that is roughly the same distance as Earth is all the way around! That is crazy to me. Also Jupiter is so massive to us, yet it is so tiny compared to a lot of the other planets and stars that we have discovered outside of our solar system. The size of objects in space are so unfathomable!


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