Blog Post 6: “The People Have Voted!: Pluto is a Planet!”

An article from, similar to many, many other articles recently, claims the reinstatement of Pluto’s former status as a planet in the Solar System. We have discussed in class that the new discoveries of other planets in our solar system that classify just as planet just as much as Pluto does. They ruled Pluto out after narrowing down the qualifications which are: 1. it must be a body that orbits the sun (a star), 2. it must be massive enough to be round, and 3. it must have cleared its neighborhood of all things around it. Pluto was then classified as a dwarf planet for not meeting the third qualification. not only has it not cleared it’s neighborhood, but it also has an out of wack orbit compared to the other planets and it crosses paths with Neptune. Now, maybe if the world was aware of the reasons Pluto had to be ruled out, the people would not try to rule it back in. One concern I have heard from people that are Pro-Pluto is something along the lines of, “Our children have already learned about the nine planets, now the text books are going to be wrong.” However, as the associate director of the International Astronomical Union said at this debate that if we ruled Pluto back in, we would have to let the number of planets to rise to at least 25. Keeping the numbers low makes it easier for not only the children, but for everyone. The people at this debate almost all voted for the reinstatement of Pluto as a planet but, I feel like it’s not actually going to happen. The facts are the facts and Pluto doesn’t meet the requirements. I wish it did, just like everyone else but, it does not!


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