Blog Post 5: Seasons of Venus

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars……etc. Venus is just next door and is very similar to Earth when it comes to size. The Universe Today article says that in many ways Earth and Venus are twin planets. The climate is an awful lot different, though. The extremely hot temperatures and sulfuric acid rain storms on Venus, I’d say Earth is a little more safe. The seasons are also very different on Venus. Why? Because there are none! It is weird to think that the distance from the sun or the rotation/revolution of a planet isn’t at all what effects the seasons. It is the axis. I remember learning in class that Earth has seasons due to it’s axis being tilted, so every 1/4 of a year around the sun, the axis has earth tilted in a completely different position with respect to the sun. Although, I did not keep in mind that not all planets are tilted on their axis. Venus remains an average of 460 degrees Celsius at all times. Venus rotates very slowly with more than 50 days of night and there is no dramatic change in the temperature, whatsoever. The equator and the poles don’t matter either along with day or night. Wherever you are standing on Venus, you will not get much of a temperature change. I think that is so cool. The axis of Venus isn’t tilted at 23.4 degrees, like Earth’s. Venus’s axis is tilted at 2.7 degrees. So, barely even tilted at all, pretty much rotating on a perfectly vertical axis as of right now. Another reason, besides the near lack of tilt in the axis, for no seasons on Venus is the atmosphere made up of carbon dioxide. It is very thick with 93 times more surface atmospheric pressure than here on Earth. And to think we had a fairly tough and protective atmosphere! This atmosphere traps the heat and it flows all throughout the entire planet. I thinks its pretty cool that Venus is pretty much our next door neighbor, yet it is so different from us. I couldn’t imagine living on a planet with no seasons. Like, if humans were born on Earth with 70 degree weather everywhere, there would be no appreciation for nice weather or no need for family vacation! I am thankful our axis is tilted! 🙂


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