Blog Post 3: First Evidence for Water Ice Clouds Found Outside the Solar System

It has been very certain that there are water ice clouds on the giant gas planets of our solar system. These clouds are on Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus and Neptune which we are already aware of. Any clouds of this sort have never been even know to be outside of an orbit other than the one around our sun, according to an article I found on The article talks about how they used an infrared camera that took 151 pictures of this brown dwarf in 3 nights. This brown dwarf was actually the coldest brown dwarf ever detected. Also, the article said that getting the detection was actually a battle, but the fact that they got it from an on ground telescope on earth was an amazing result. Not to mention, I learned the a brown dwarf is not necessarily the smallest of stars but, also it isn’t necessarily the biggest of planets. Additionally, the brown dwarfs can have temperatures that vary; hot like stars, or cool like planets. This brown dwarf was located in “W0855” which is evidently the fourth-closest system to us; “Practically next-door neighbors in astronomical distances”, says the article.

I think that its amazing that we can find things like this outside of our solar system because as we have learned, earth is so small compared to the rest of the universe. Big to us is so incomparable to the rest the world in space. So, to have man-made telescopes that can see from maybe 20+ light years away aka a lot of miles. It honestly unfathomable to understand the matter that is really out there and we can get pictures of and explore. I also think that it is cool how there is water ice clouds in other places too. Seeing similarities within solar systems is cool because, for all we know there could be life somewhere in a solar system that is very similar to ours. That is a little bit of a drastic curiosity, but it is such an amazing thing that we now have the technology to discover certain things that are trillions upon trillions of miles away. I cannot wait to see what technology has in store 50 years from now!


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